Bianca Dyke

Bianca at the poolside.

Bianca Dyke
Birthplace London, UK
Residence Watford, London, UK
Father Clive Dyke
Mother Tonya Dyke
Siblings Tiger Dyke
Children 0
First appearance Series 6, Episode 2
Last appearance Series 6 Episode 6
Played by Bel Powley

Bianca is a loud Cockney party-girl diva. She likes to visit casinos and drink cocktails. Bianca is the daughter of Clive and Tonya. She arrives at the holiday resort having been dumped by her boyfriend. Being a young and attractive young lady, it isn't long before she catches the eye of various members of staff and holidaymakers.

Storylines Edit

Series 6 Edit

Bianca first arrives in Benidorm a day after her family. She was at the Maldives with her boyfriend Hugo, but they split up during the holiday. She flew out to Spain, and was left wondering around Alicante Airport, where her dad Clive Dyke (Perry Benson) found her. Bianca catches the eye of various members of staff and holidaymakers. Liam Conroy (Adam Gillen) in particular gets a rather big crush on her however she ends up going on a date with Martin Weedon (Nicholas Burns). He takes her to a casino however their date doesn't go as planned when he inadvertantly throws a drink over her during a roulette win. Mateo Castellanos (Jake Canuso) is also attracted to Bianca however when he starts flirting with her she gets disgusted and demands he gets fired.

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