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Blow 'n' Go

Blow 'n' Go: Styles by Kenneth is a hair salon inside the Solana hotel, run by Kenneth Du Beke, Liam Conroy and Jacqueline Stewart.

Joyce Temple-Savage disapproves of the existence of the Solana, mostly because it is rarely open due to Kenneth's laziness.

Joyce threatens to close down the salon if Kenneth doesn't pay the rent he owes, until Kenneth's "uncle" Herbert buys the lease off the Solana Group in Series 6, and charges Kenneth €0 as rent.

In Series 8, Herbert's doorman, Norman, returns and announces to Kenneth that Herbert has died in a freak hair straightening accident, and that his will reading is soon. Norman expects Herbert to have left his entire chain of salons, including Blow 'n' Go, to Kenneth, and begs Kenneth for a job, but Kenneth indifferently dismisses him. They get a shock at the will reading, when it is revealed that Herbert in fact left the salons to Norman, and Norman charges Kenneth an exorbitant rent in revenge for Kenneth not giving him a job.

Troy Ramsbottom and Jacqueline Stewart quickly cobble together and buy the lease off of Norman, and they and Kenneth become partners.

By Series 10, Jacqueline has taken over Troy's share. In Episode 1, Kenneth goes missing after attempting to swim to Benidorm from Peacock Island, and Stanley Keen returns claiming to be a friend of his, and Jacqueline lets him turn Blow 'n' Go into his dental surgery. When Kenneth returns in Episode 2, he immediately turfs Stanley out, but not before Stanley tries to kill him.

In Episode 8, the entrance to Blow 'n' Go is mistakenly bricked up and painted over by construction workers who had no idea Kenneth was inside, as Kenneth was sleeping in the back room after being up into the night getting drunk the previous night. Trapped inside, Kenneth has a severe breakdown, talking to a mannequin, badly cutting off his own hair and eating hair wax. By the time Liam, Jacqueline and Sam realise he is inside and break down the wall, he has already escaped via a vent. He bursts through the stage at Neptune's Bar, screaming and crying and completely covered in various hair products, terrifying the bar guests.