Benidorm brandy
First appearance Series 3, Episode 1
Last appearance Series 3, Episode 4
Duration 2009
Number of appearances 4
Played by Sheridan Smith

Brandy is a guest character from Benidorm, played by Sheridan Smith. Brandy was introduced as a new love interest for Martin Weedon (Nicholas Burns) after he split from his wife Kate (Abigail Cruttenden). Brandy was portrayed as a caring person but was revealed as a con woman in her later episodes by stealing from Martin and the rest of the hotel guests.


Brandy is seen in the first episode of the third series boarding a coach with Martin Weedon (Nicholas Burns) and is spotted by the Garvey family. Madge Harvey (Sheila Reid) jokes that Martin traded his wife Kate (Abigail Cruttenden) for a "younger model". When they arrive, Brandy is attracted to the Barman Mateo Castellanos (Jake Canuso) and flirts with him several times. Martin is annoyed that Brandy is giving him "hot and cold" signs and Brandy reveals that she last had sex three years ago, leaving Martin stunned. Brandy then has sex with Mateo and uses this as an excuse to get a staff door key in order to rob the guests. Brandy sees Marcus Snelling (Robin Askwith), a man who has conned many guests. The pair turn out to be accomplices and they rob the Solana together. Troy then catches Brandy burgling his apartment, but Marcus Snelling walks in and ties Troy to the hot water pipe. Brandy & Marcus then leave with most of the guests belongings happily.

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