Carmen York was the new employee for Kenneth Du Beke at the Solana Salon, Blow n Go. She does not speak a word of English. Her first client is Gerald Dixon, however things do not go very well, by accident she picks up the wrong shampoo to wash Mr. Dixon's hair with and sets off his eczema rash. At the dance competition, Carmen dances with Kenneth's best friend, Gavin Ramsbottom. Kenneth only forced Gavin to dance with Carmen for the prize.

In series 5 episode 6, new Solana manageress Joyce Temple-Savage reveals to Donald and Jacqueline that one of the Solana staff is a trator. The suspects are: Mateo, Les/Lesley, Liam Conroy, Kenneth and Carmen. When Joyce hires Donald and Jacqueline to spy on the staff, they find Carmen reading an English magazine. When Kenneth, Les/Lesley, Liam and Mateo run after Carmen after she runs for the hills, she reveals in Spanish that her mother is ex-Solana manageress, Janey York. Carmen has not been seen since that episode since she was made redundant in Benidorm.

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