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Chantelle "Telle" Laura Garvey is a character from Benidorm, played by actress Hannah Hobley. Chantelle made her first appearance in the first episode and remained until the end of Series 3. Chantelle is the oldest child and only daughter of father Mick Garvey (Steve Pemberton) and mother Janice Garvey (Siobhan Finneran) and sister to Michael Garvey (Oliver Stokes). Chantelle has a son named Coolio to an unnamed black father.


Series 1[]

In the first series, Chantelle arrives in Benidorm wearing a pink anorak that she refuses to remove in spite of the hot weather. After taking part in the karaoke evening and bringing it to a premature close by over-heating and collapsing in the middle of a song, it is discovered that Chantelle is heavily pregnant, a fact unknown to even her closest family members. Chantelle does not get along with her grandmother Madge Harvey (Sheila Ried), and the pair are constantly trading insults. At one point, Madge threatens Chantelle by saying social services will take her child away from her. Telle often gets irritated by her younger brother Michael Garvey (Oliver Stokes) and gets her own back by teasing him, saying there's a monster in the pool. Geoff Maltby (Johnny Vegas) tries to impress Chantelle during a pool game, exaggerating and making up wins he had in the past. Chantelle sees through his unnecessary competitiveness and calls him out.

Series 2[]

The Garveys return the following year, and Chantelle has given birth to her baby, Coolio. The baby is of mixed race and Chantelle refuses to reveal the identity of his father. Telle is absent-minded regarding looking after Coolio. She forgets about him, leaving him in an airport shop until Janice reminds her. She decided to offload baby Coolio onto impromptu babysitters Martin Weedon (Nicholas Burns) and Kate Weedon (Abigail Cruttenden) for the night. Chantelle starts to talk to Geoff more this year and they agree to go out for a drink but this falls through when Geoff gets extremely drunk and admits that he is a virgin. When Geoff forgets his wristband to get into the wedding of Madge and Mel Harvey (Geoffrey Hutchings), he asks Chantelle to borrow hers but she refuses as he constantly lies all the time about being the champion of many things and got overly drunk the previous night. After the wedding ends in disaster during the Summer Special, Janice asks swingers Donald Stewart (Kenny Ireland) and Jacqueline Stewart (Janine Duvitski) to take Chantelle and Michael back to the apartments and look after them.she is also engaged to Geoff maltby aka the oracle