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Christmas Special
Christmas Special
Air date 26th December 2010
Written by Derren Litten
Directed by Sandy Johnson
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Series 3 Episode 6
Series 4 Episode 1

Benidorm's only ever Christmas special, which aired between Series 3 and 4.


The Garveys arrive in Benidorm to spend Christmas with Madge and Mel at their palatial villa, but Mel is absent, apparently stuck in Morocco on business. Donald and Jacqueline book into the Solana with ten like-minded swingers, annoying manageress Janey, whilst the Oracle's mother Noreen, a recent lottery winner, turns up with her new beau Clive - whose bad back leads them to be charged for lewd behaviour on the beach. Su Pollard is due to headline at Mel's Benidorm Palace but, after accidentally ending up at a nudist hotel, she is not happy, and when Madge mistakes her for Rod Hull, with whom she argued twenty-five years earlier and insults her, Su walks out. Fortunately Donald and Jacqueline save the day by getting their friend Roy Wood to fill the breach and the evening is a great success with Clive also proposing to Noreen for the right reasons. The evening takes a sad turn however when Mick gets a phone call from a hospital in Morocco - Mel has passed away.


Main Cast[]

Guest cast[]

  • Brian Murphy as Clive Mitchell (One-off appearance)
  • Su Pollard as herself (One-off appearance)
  • Louie Spence as Marvin (One-off appearance)
  • Roy Wood as himself (One-off appearance)
  • Shaun Foster-Conley as Himself
  • Asa Elliott as himself (First appearance)