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Clive Dyke
Occupation Building Consultant
Birthplace London, UK
Residence Watford, London, UK
Siblings Terri Dawson
Spouses Tonya Dyke (ex-wife)
Children Tiger Dyke

Bianca Dyke

First appearance Series 6, Episode 1
Last appearance Series 7, Episode 7
Duration 2014-2015
Played by Perry Benson

Clive is a very easily irritated man with an extremely short temper. He shouts a lot and roars "Tonya!" at his wife when he gets angry. His voice usually echoes through the hotel. He has a Cockney accent, like his wife and two children. He is very friendly towards Janice at the start of Series 6 but his feelings soon go away.


Series 6[]

Clive comes on holiday with his family in series 6 expecting The Solana to be a four star hotel, so he's shocked to discover it doesn't even have Wi-Fi. They end up staying when Joyce offers him an 80% discount on the holiday. His wife Tonya Dyke is annoyed when he keeps helping Janice Garvey and when his son Tiger Dyke causes Janice's son, Michael Garvey, to get into trouble, it causes tension between the Garveys and Dykes. In the second episode Clive's daughter Bianca Dyke comes to Benidorm after breaking up with her boyfriend. Later in the series we find out that Clive's construction business might not be quite as profitable as it used to be.

Series 7[]

Clive comes to Benidorm when his son loses all his money. He reveals he has split up with Tonya and makes the most of being single, by trying his luck with a holidaymaker, which embarrasses Tiger. In the third episode of the series Clive's sister Terri Dawson arrives in Benidorm. Clive heads into town in search of a dongle for the internet, and gets chatted up by Melanie, a holiday home saleswoman who he went to school with when he was younger. She lures Clive into visiting a development, where Clive meets Monty Staines and is swindled out of 5,000 euros! In the final episode Terri and Tiger come up with a plan to help him get his money back, by pretending Tiger is a German footballer who wants to buy all 4 houses, meaning that Clive gets his money back. 


  • Tonya! (echoes)
  • For God’s sake!
  • What!?