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Crystal Hennessy-Vass
Crystal Hennessy-Vass
Occupation CEO of Solana Group
Birthplace Berkshire
First appearance Series 6 Episode 7
Last appearance Series 9, Episode 9
Duration (2014-)
Number of appearances 4
Played by Joan Collins

Crystal Hennessy-Vass is the Chairwoman and CEO of the Solana Leisure Group, founded in 1983. Hennessy-Vass is glamorous and chic yet determined to stick to her budget roots. She is portrayed by Joan Collins. Her name is inspired by Benidorm Commissioning Editor, Michaela Hennessy-Vass.


Series 6[]

Crystal arrives to whip the newly appointed manager Joyce Temple-Savage into shape after the upgrading of the Solana Benidorm to a 4-star Hotel, stating that the Solana group is budget and proud of it. Advising Temple-Savage to revert to the original status of the hotel and changing the blinds in the rooms to net curtains. Stating that people expect less from a 3-star. Vass is a lover of gin and tonic and cigarettes. She also has a chauffeur called Elvis (played by Benidorm writer Derren Litten).

Series 7[]

Crystal returns in series 7 to inspect the Solana and to take Joyce out for lunch. Crystal surprises Joyce who has just fallen down the 14 flights of stairs. Crystal demands Joyce to get ready for lunch while she inspects the Solana. Crystal goes to see Kenneth Du Beke salon Blow 'n' Go, Kenneth thinks that she's a holidaymaker. After Crystal introduces herself as CEO of the Solana Group, Liam Conroy comes in with cans of pound-shop-shampoo. Crystal is impressed with the changes made as she stated in series 6: "We are budget and proud." At the lunch, Crystal tells Joyce that she is going to cut the salary expenses by 50 %. Joyce tells Crystal that it isn't possible and then Crystal tells that she is going to find a new manager who does the job 50 % cheaper. Joyce is shocked and questions her decision. Crystal says she is not fired as it wouldn't look good on her CV, she is letting her go. Crystal reinstates Janey York, the former Solana manager!