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Geoff Maltby

First Appearance

Series 1, Episode 1

Last Appearance

Series 9, Episode 9

Episode Count

36 as of series 9 episode 9


Johnny Vegas




Noreen Maltby (adoptive mother)
Pauline Maltby (adoptive sister)
Pythagoras Maltby (son)
Chantelle Garvey (ex-girlfreind)

First Returning Appearance

Series 7, Episode 3




2007-2009, 2015-2017 )

Geoff Maltby (The Oracle) is the son of adoptvie Noreen Maltby, the adoptive brother of Pauline Maltby, and the father of Pythagoras Maltby. He's wide, witty and full of knowledge of pop culture figures and basic trivia. Geoff holidayed at The Solana Apartments for many years with his mother, although he tells everyone she's his PA.


Series 1[]

Geoff comes on holiday with his mother although he tells everyone she is his PA. Geoff often organizes holiday pursuits. These have included an arm-wrestling competition and a beach-side sporting activity. He has a short temper and hates losing. In the fifth episode of the series, when the Garveys beat him in a pub quiz he is not happy and when Mateo approaches him to get him off the stage, Geoff reveals to the entire pub that Mateo has been seducing both Troy and Kate.

Series 2[]

In Series 2, During a diving contest with Mel Harvey, Mel almost drowns. Geoff goes on a date with Chantelle Garvey, however he has one too many drinks and ends up revealing he is a virgin! In the final episode of the series, When Geoff's parachute goes out of control, he almost kills Mel again after crashing into him!

Series 3[]

In Series 3, his mum is convinced that he is gay. In the next episode he ends up going on a blind date who turns out to be Lesley Conroy who is a transvestite! When the Solana gets robbed, Geoff tells his mother he fought off five thieves (despite the fact there were only two thieves, and Geoff had nothing to do with them). When Noreen tells the police, they arrest him for wasting police time! In this series Geoff attempts to flirt with Telle, despite the fact their date wasn't a success last year. Chantelle doesn't like the fact Geoff keeps lying although in the final episode of the series Telle finally decides to date him and they decide to move in together when they get back to the UK.

Series 4[]

In Series 4, Geoff and Telle do not come on holiday for the next few years however Noreen and Janice Garvey keep in touch via Phone or Twitter. It is revealed that Telle is pregnant with Geoff's baby. They called the baby Pythagoras ('Py') after the Greek philosopher.

Series 7[]

in Series 7 however, he is not with Telle as they have split up. He catches the eye of Terri Dawson however he already has a fiancée. He meets Ionela online and told her he was a successful businessman. When sleeping in the honeymoon suite Crystal walks in and they spend the night together. When Geoff gets trapped in a lift with his mother she reveals that he is actually adopted! After they get out the lift, Geoff tells Ionela the truth and when she finds out he is not successful she leaves him immediately.

Series 8[]

Geoff returns to the Solana again with his mother Noreen and this time his sister Pauline. Geoff and Pauline are constantly arguing like little children which embarrasses Noreen. The family were unhappy when they arrive back to Neptune's after paintballing trip that went extremely wrong! When he has trouble with his laptop he gives it to Rob Dawson to fix. When Pauline falls off the wagon he tries to help her and gets very protective over her, especially when the other residents are taking the mick of her. The family decided to cut their holiday short and return home however not before Geoff bumps into his old flame Ionela. He tries to convince her to get back with him however she ends up rejecting him at the airport.

Series 9[]

The Maltbys return in Series 9 and Noreen and Geoff are convinced Pauline is pregnant. After Geoff spends the day trying to find out who got her pregnant she reveals she is not pregnant, after it is revealed the pregnancy test she took was from a faulty batch. More trouble comes to the family when Pauline's controlling boyfriend Malcolm Barrett arrives at the Solana. Geoff and Malcolm immediately clash and Geoff gets very protective over Pauline.