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Glynn arrives at the Solana Resort on a 'holiday wife swap' with Jacqueline Stewart whilst her husband Donald was on holiday with Glynn's wife Rhiannon.


Series 7[]

Glynn arrives at the Solona with Jacqueline Stewart (Janine Duvitski) whilst his wife Rhiannon was on holiday with Donald Stewart (Kenny Ireland). They decided to arrange a wife swap although he soon regrets it. Jacqueline and Glynn have a personality class as Glynn is an old romantic so does not approve of Jacquline being a swinger. Although Glynn is not keen on the wife swap he is still determined to enjoy his holiday and tries to convince Jacquline to do more then just lie around sunbathing. Therefore he takes her out for a game of pelota. When one of the players get injured, Jacqueline finds herself subbing and reveals a hidden talent. In series 7 episode 5, Glynn wants Jacqueline to join him in a performance at Neptune's, but as a singer she is hopeless. In the final episode Jacqueline and Glynn are both looking forward to being reunited with their partners. Glynn's wife Riannon arrives however there is no sign of Donald!