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Benidorm jacqueline
Jacqueline Stewart
Spouses Donald Stewart
First appearance Series 1, Episode 1
Last appearance Series 10, Episode 9
Duration 2007-2018
Number of appearances 74
Played by Janine Duvitski

Jacqueline Stewart is the wife of Donald Stewart and is played by Janine Duvitski. She and Donald were Benidorm's oldest swingers, and the pair were normally seen with married couple Troy and Gavin Ramsbottom and salon owner Kenneth Du Beke. They are both members of the MSA - Middlesbrough Swinger's Association.


Series 1[]

Donald and Jacqueline are first seen sitting with married couple, Kate and Martin Weedon, annoying them. When Martin and Kate manage to escape Donald and Jacqueline Stewart , the swingers manage to follow them secretly. When Donald and Jacqueline mistake mouthy Madge Harvey for a swinger, sparks fly, and when the Garveys win the Solana quiz night, Madge invites Donald and Jacqueline on the trip to the beach, angering her son-in-law, Mick Garvey, because it means spending more money. Jacqueline finds the walk to the beach tiring as she's "not used to being on her feet so much".

Series 2 - 3[]

In the second series Kate and Martin have gone to a nearby picturesque city, Altea, where they find Donald and Jacqueline have been using the room for some 'interesting' adult activities. When Mateo Castellanos upsets their friend Kelly, they help her get her own back on him in their own special way. When Madge and Mel Harvey are having a romantic evening stroll on the beach they bump into Jacqueline and Donald which makes, what is supposed to be the most memorable day of their life proceed to become memorable for all the wrong reasons! When everything goes wrong on Madge and Mel's wedding day Donald and Jacqueline become babysitters for Chantelle Garvey and Michael Garvey. In series 3 a Cockney conman called Gary steals Donald and Jacqueline's phones, claiming to be fixing them. They also get a visit from one of Donald's old friends Wink McAndrew who scares Jacqueline and then dies by electrocuting himself on stage while doing karaoke.

Series 4[]

Donald and Jacqueline do water aerobics, which is instructed by hunky barman Mateo. When Donald has a heart attack in the pool, Jacqueline and Mateo race to get him out of the water. In the following episode, Donald and Jacqueline reveal to Kenneth that he has three months to live. Kenneth then tells his friend Gavin, leaving him shocked. In the final episode of series 4, Donald's belongings are found on a beach and his hat is found floating in the sea. When news hits The Solana, Jacqueline is devastated and is left comforted by Kenneth and Gavin. When Jacqueline, Kenneth and Gavin go to see a widow carer, he turns the two gays and widow away. When Gavin and Kenneth take Jacqueline to the beach where Donald killed himself, it is revealed that it was a gay nudist beach. As Kenneth and Gavin admire the men there, Jacqueline's foot gets tangled in some rope, not realizing the rope is attached to a speed boat. Jacqueline is whisked off her feet. At the end of the episode, it is revealed that Donald did not kill himself and that the unusual couple are planning to commit fraud for £500,000. 

Series 5[]

When Jacqueline returns to Benidorm in series 5, Kenneth claims he sees Donald's ghost. Gavin then witnesses this and the pair scream. Donald and Jacqueline then explain their actions, confusing Gavin and Kenneth. In series 5 episode 2, Donald and Jacqueline perform an unusual performance at the dance competition. In series 5 episode 3, Jacqueline performs a dirty dance for the stag nighters. In series 5 episode 5, Donald and Jacqueline join a drunk party. And in the final episode, Donald and Jacqueline bump into Donald's dangerous former cellmate, Mr. Big!

Series 6[]

In Series 6 Jacqueline and Donald return to the Solana and start a protest when Joyce Temple-Savage does not give them a free holiday, even though she promised them one last year for spying on the staff at The Solana. They finally get a room after Jacqueline chains herself to some sunbeds. In series 6 episode 3, 'Sticky Vicky' is on holiday so Jacqueline preforms the act for her at a stag do. In series 6 episode 4, Jacqueline and Donald play volleyball against Micheal and Tiger. When Big Donna, a friend of Donald and Jacqueline, passes away in episode 5 they are determined to give her a big send off before scattering her ashes. In the final episode Donald and Jacqueline are invited by their raucous friend Queenie to the Costa Blanca Swingers Association party, where they meet former porn star Pepe De La Cruz and his wife Agnes.

Series 7[]

In Series 7 Jacqueline and Donald have arranged a wife swap to mark their wedding anniversary so she arrives with Glynn. Glynn is not happy with the wife swap at first however he is still determined to enjoy his holiday and tries to convince Jacqueline to do more than just lie around sunbathing. Therefore the takes her out for a game of pelota. When one of the players gets injured, Jacqueline finds herself subbing and reveals a hidden talent. In series 7 episode 5, Glynn wants Jacqueline to join him in a performance at Neptune's, but as a singer she is hopeless. In the final episode Jacqueline and Glynn are both looking forward to being reunited with their partners. Glynn's wife Rhiannon arrives however there is no sign of Donald!!

Series 8[]

In series 8 Jacqueline comes on holiday with Troy to scatter Donald's ashes, after he died in his sleep a few months previously. When Kenneth has trouble with his salon and almost loses it, Troy and Jacqueline invest money into the business so he can keep it running. Jacqueline also briefly dates Eddie Dawson but gets jealous when he flirts with Joyce.