Benidorm jacqueline
Jacqueline Stewart
First appearance Series 1, Episode 1
Duration 2007 to present
Number of appearances 35
Played by Janine Duvitski

Jacqueline Stewart is the wife of Donald Stewart (Kenny Ireland and is played by Janine Duvitski. She and Donald are Benidorm's oldest swingers and the pair are normally seen with married gays Troy (Paul Bazely and Gavin Ramsbottom (Hugh Sachs) and single gay Kenneth Du Beke (Tony Maudsley.


Series 1 to 3

Donald and Jacqueline are first seen sitting with married couple, Kate (Abigail Cruttenden) and Martin Weedon (Nicholas Burns), annoying them. When Martin and Kate manage to escape Donald and Jacqueline, the swingers manage to follow them secretly. When Donald and Jacqueline mistake mouthy Madge Harvey (Sheila Reid) for a swinger, sparks fly and when the Garveys win The Solana quiz night, Madge invites Donald and Jacqueline to the trip to the water park, angering her son-in-law, Mick Garvey.

Series 4

Donald and Jacqueline do water arobics instructed by hunky barman Mateo Castellanos (Jake Canuso). When Donald has a heart attack in the pool, Jacqueline and Mateo race to get him out of the water. In the following episode, Donald and Jacqueline reveals to Kenneth that he has three months to live. Kenneth then tells his friend Gavin, leaving him shocked. In the final episode of series 4, Donald's belongings are found on a beach and his hat is found in the water. When news hits The Solana, Jacqueline is devastated and is left comforted by Kenneth and Gavin. When Jacqueline, Kenneth and Gavin go to see a widow carer, he turns the two gays and widow away. When Gavin and Kenneth take Jacqueline to the beach where Donald killed himself, it is revealed that it was a gay nudest beach. As Kenneth and Gavin admire the men there, Jacqueline's foot gets tangled in some rope, not realising the rope is attached to a speed boat! Jacqueline is whisked off her feet. At the end of the episode, it is revealed that Donald did not kill himself and that the unusual couple are planning to scam someone out of their money.

Series 5

When Jacqueline returns to Benidorm in series 5, Kenneth claims he sees Donald's ghost. Gavin then witnesses this and the pair scream. Donald and Jacqueline then explain their actions, confusing Gavin and Kenneth. In series 5 episode 2, Donald and Jacqueline perform an unusual performance at the dance competition. In series 5 episode 3, Jacqueline performs a dirty dance for the stag nighters. In series 5 episode 5, Donald and Jacqueline join a drunk party and get realy wild! And in the final episode, Donald and Jacqueline bump into Donald's dangerous former cellmate, Mr. Big!

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