Janice Emily Garvey (neé Barron) is a fictional character in the ITV sitcom Benidorm, created by English comedy writer and actor, Darren Litten. She is married to Mick, mother to Chantelle & Michael and daughter of Madge. It has also been mentioned that due to keeping communication with her mother throughout the series her other siblings do not talk to each other. Her seven sisters are named; Valda, Cheryl, Mandi, Jackie, Maureen and Sharon.

Storylines Edit

Series 1 Edit

Janice's mother, Madge Harvey (Sheila Reid), bring her and her family to Benidorm. In just the first episode Janice's son, Michael Garvey (Oliver Stokes), almost drowns and her daughter Chantelle Garvey (Hannah Hobley) faints whilst she is on stage! It turns out that Telle is heavily pregnant! This shocks Janice although she does her best to comfort her. Janice also has to deal with Suzie, a girl who keeps flirting with her husband, Mick Garvey (Steve Pemberton). In the 4th episode she gets suspicious when Mick goes missing. She is convinced he is with Suzie and when she hears to people having sex behind the bar she assumes it is Mick and Suzie. She is surprised to discover that it was Mateo Castellanos (Jake Canuso) and Troy Ramsbottom (Paul Bazely)! When the Garvey family win a pub quiz they go to the beach however they are conned! Later in Neptune's Janice sees the woman who conned them on the beach and flattens her! In the final episode of the series a women keeps taking photos of Mick. She reveals she is from the Department of Social Services and that she is going to use the photos as evidence to convict Mick for false incapacity benefit claims!

Series 2 Edit

In series 2 Madge's new 'boyfriend' Mel Harvey (Geoffrey Hutchings) brings her and her family back to Benidorm. Janice is quite surprised when a man they've only known for a few weeks takes them on holiday and they are even more surprised when Mel proposes to Madge! Janice tries to convince her not to agree to a wed a man they have only known for five minutes however she accidentally says the wrong thing to Madge and she and Mel snub The Garveys! To make things worse for Janice, Mick has forgotten their wedding anniversary and to make herself feel better Janice enjoys the attentions of Jack (Elliott Jordan), a handsome young admirer, rather too much. Jack ends up stalking Janice and follows her to Neptune's and even gate crashes her mothers wedding!

Summer Special Edit

Madge's wedding doesn't go as planned! Mick ends up being arrested for knocking out Mel when he was trying to get Mel's memory back. Therefore Janice tries to get to the police station to help Mick out although Madge drags her into a car and makes Janice come to hospital her. However the car Madge dragged them into belongs to a very dangerous man! He takes them to a cliff and threatens to kill them if they don't stay in his car. Jack comes to try and save Janice but faints when he sees the gun! Janice and Madge are then taken back to the Solana, and they, along some of the guests, are held hostage - revealing he is a murderer. He took them to the rooftop and threatened that he would throw bodies off the roof if they didn't keep quiet. Mel then turns up in a helicopter, knocking the murderer unconscious with a bat and saves the day!

Series 3 Edit

In series 3 the Garveys arrive in Benidorm in time for grand opening of his Mel's new mobility shop but unfortunately it burns to the ground due to too many lights on the shop witch make it look 'tacky' . In the second episode on a trip to the waterfalls of Callosa, Mick upsets Janice and it looks like their relationship might not survive this fight! To stop the fuss he disappears which worries Janice. But he returns with a special surprise. In the 4th episode one of Janice's sister, Valda arrives in Benidorm for a holiday with her Indian husband. Janice seemed very shocked to see her older sister but wanted to have her mother and her bond better at one of the parties of the resort but ended badly when Madge took a drug that make her go out of control and landed her fall on top of Valda. In the final episode Janice is upset when Mel and Madge decide to stay in Benidorm and her daughter Telle wants to move out.

Christmas Special Edit

The Garveys arrive at Benidorm to spend Christmas with Madge and Mel at their luxurious villa. However when they arrive their is no sign of Mel! He tells the Garveys that he was working in Morocco, but it turns out he was in hospital in a critical condition. Whilst at the Benidorm Palace, the Garveys received a heartbreaking phone call when the nurse pronounced Mel dead!

Series 4 Edit

The Garveys are back in Benidorm to discover that Madge has mysteriously disappeared with her villa sold to Cilla Black! They find Madge whom has been left financial bankrupted! They help eliminate Madge's debts with both Scary Mary and Mr Pink, both big time Benidorm gangsters, and a last-minute bet with the latter saw Madge eliminate her debt, and gain 3,000 euros! When they go to the water park they meet Pauline Mamood (Selina Griffiths) and Mick has a strange encounter with her. In the 4th episode emotions run high for Janice when Johnny Neptune, an old flame of Janice's appears at the Solana. In the final episode when Madge buys a bar in Benidorm the Garveys end up staying in Benidorm!

Series 5 Edit

Janice, Madge and Michael are on back on holiday whilst Mick is sorting some things out with the sun bed shops back at home. It is revealed that the bar opened in Series 4 did not work out. In the 2nd episode Janice is shocked to see her stalker Jack but he pretends not to remember her! Later on at the dance competition he stops playing hard to get and forces Janice to dance with him luckily Mick arrives in time and puts a stop to it! Janice worries when she hears about organ thieves in Benidorm and when Madge goes missing The Garvey's search all over Benidorm for her. It turns out that Mohammed Mohammed saved Madge from the organ thieves. He reveals himself to be a close business partner of Mel. He states that he has been trying to find Madge for a long while, only to return a cigarette case and an old photo. Janice is very welcoming of Mohammed however, Mick refuses to believe who he is. Janice is then surprised to find out that Madge wants to marry Mohammed although she reveals she only wants to marry Mohammed due to the legal loopholes that would be involved with transferring money that Mohammed has. Mick later finds out that Mohammed is actually a conman and is only after Madges money. When he finds out she hasn't got any money he doesn't marry Madge! The Garveys take their revenge on Mohammed in a spectacular scene at the jousting arena. In the final episode Janice finds out they're broke when Mick reveals to the rest of the Garveys that all the sunbed shops Mel left them have been destroyed by fire!

Series 6 Edit

Janice's holiday doesn't get of to the best of starts when Mick gets arrested at Alicante airport as some of Madge's tanning pills are mistaken for drugs! To make things worse Tiger Dyke (Danny Walters) leads her son astray and makes him get a tattoo! Clive Dyke (Perry Benson) and Donald Stewart (Kenny Ireland) take Janice to Alicante airport to pick up Mick when his is released. Janice gets upset when she hears Madge only has 6 months to live! This turns out to be a misunderstanding as the practice having grown tired by her racism and other negative traits had given her "6 months to leave". Tonya Dyke (Hannah Waddingham) takes Janice to the spa but when Janice ends up having to pay for both of them it causes more conflict between the Garveys and Dykes! In the final episode they end up forgiven each other and when Tonya offers Janice the money back she lets her keep it.

Series 7 Edit

The Garveys are worried Madge is being stalked! They meet a guy called Buck A. Roo who reveals that Madge is about to inherit millions from the Collins family however they believe its a fraud so they tell him to go away! Les Conroy (Tim Healy) does some research on Buck A. Roo which finds out he was telling the truth. Therefore the Garvey's go after him and they all leave to go to Las Vegas!

Personality: Edit

Throughout the series we see Janice portrayed as an feisty, foul-mouthed and quite fantastic woman, but she’s never going to win the best mother of the year award. She does try and round hey a better expression to describe her role than ‘look after them’. Janice can be very 'fun' and out going when wanting a drink and singing in the bar during the night at the events of Benidorm but can get her head stuck in the clouds a lot with romance, she is very protective of her husband especially if he talks to another woman or starts flirting with them and often remarks them as other punching bags. When she kissed another young bloke when away on holiday behind her husbands back it kind of showed the audience that her love for Mick has down graded over their marriage years and by embracing the bar tender it indicated that Janice wants a bit more of a wow factor in her life.

Relationships Edit

Janice + Mick (Husband) Edit

Janice can be very protective of Mick and always reminds herself that he deserves a second chance whenever he does something wrong like flirting with other females around the holiday swell as saying the wrong things around her. They have a strong bond together with laughter and smiles after taking the piss out of normally Janice's mother or other people around the resort island. As marriage couples do argue, Janice does shout her way of right but knows her place of heart with Mick and does gradually get upset when they have a massive fight.

Janice + Chantelle- Michael (Children) Edit

Like any other parent Janice can be very protective of her children and caring for their welfare especially when she had found out her daughter was pregnant in series 1 season 1 because Janice has a one-to-one with her basically explaining that she will look after her when the baby has arrives, but does occasionally argue aggressively with her children with swear words whenever they are out of order and rude to others.

Marge mum

6 sisters

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