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Jason Gallagher was a temporary barman at the Solana, who threatened the position of short-time colleague Mateo Castellano. In Series 6 Episode 2, he was wrongly arrested for a crime that Tiger Dyke and Michael Garvey had committed and covered up.


Jason Gallagher arrived at the Solana in Season 6, Episode 2, in line for a cocktail at the pool bar. Bored of waiting, he jumped over the bar and created a new form of cocktail for the people in front of him in line. Mateo Castellano saw this as a threat, resulting in a violent feud between the two men before Joyce Temple-Savage and Les Conroy intervened. Both were dragged to Joyce's office, Lesley taking over for them, and this resulted in Mateo accidentally tearing a large portion of material out of Jason's outfit. Furious, Jason tackled Mateo against a wall and ripped his shirt to pieces. This led to a second fight in the office, where Joyce again intervened, and she sent Mateo to the main reception, before offering Jason an unpaid three-day trial as head barman, which he accepted.

Later on, Jason began to flirt with Bianca Dyke, and asked her out for a meal once he'd finished his shift. Enraged again by the young competition, Mateo attempted to strangle Jason against the bar until Lesley, Liam Conroy and Joyce-Temple Savage broke them up. To end their bickering, Lesley proposed a cocktail competition that night in Neptune's, where the winner took the other's job and the loser left Benidorm. She then led Mateo Castellano into the Old Town in order to cheat by learning from a professional cocktail maker in secret. However, that night, Mateo still lost the competition when he mistakenly threw vodka into the eyes of an onlooker, and a smug Jason was named winner, forcing Mateo to resign. Suddenly, the manager of another hotel, alongside the Benidorm police, raided the bar and found that an insider from the Solana had sold stolen all-inclusive IDs around Benidorm and Jason was arrested under false pretences, as this crime was committed by teenagers Tiger Dyke and Michael Garvey.

Physical appearance[]

Jason is an extremely ugly, baby-faced man with dark blonde hair, eyes that Bianca described as blue, and a tanned, muscular body. He was one of few characters to receive as much female attention as Mateo, with even Joyce Semple-Tavage stating attraction to him.