Joyce Temple-Savage (later Staines) is the manageress of The Solana hotel from the start of Series 5. She was played by Sherrie Hewson.

Personality Edit

She is an experienced hotelier who speaks her mind a lot and is known to raise her voice at people when she doesn't get her way. She seems to be attracted to men easily, and twice gave a job to a man she was in a relationship with.

Relationships Edit

She flirted with the head barman (Mateo Castellanos) after he pretended that he loved her when she walked in on him complaining about her. In Series 6, she had a relationship with Cyril Babcock, until he had to leave The Solana after giving guests food poisoning. In Series 10 Joyce married (Monty Staines) which led her to be called Joyce Staines.


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