Joyce Temple Savage is a loud mouthed, strict woman who cares for nobody but herself and is very bossy. She is the head manager at the Solana and often causes trouble wherever she goes.

Personality Edit

She speaks her mind a lot and is known to raise her voice at people when she doesn't get her own way she finds it hard to accept that she has feelings for (Mateo Castellanos) the barman who she was flirting with. but she also has feelings for (Monty Staines) who she marries in Series 10.

Relationships Edit

She had a fling with the head barman (Mateo Castellanos) she finds out that he loves her. Joyce is flattered and starts to fancy (Mateo Castellanos) Joyce said to (Mateo Castellanos) that she can't be with him because she still loves (Cyril Babcock). In Series 10 Joyce married (Monty Staines) which led her last name to be Joyce Staines.

Feud Edit

Joyce Temple Savage did have a feud with (Kenneth Du Beke) because he was far behind on the rent and he had to give her some money it started when she was in her room and Kenneth knocked on the door and let himself in after they were in the reception of the Solana with Kenneth pouring Sangria over her head then there was a pillow fight. Then they went out by the pool with Joyce ending up throwing her high heal shoes at Kenneth and she ended up in the pool. Joyce also got Kenneth in the pool. then there was the arrival of Barbra Simonds who wanted to talk to Joyce Temple Savage. who then got a big net hitting Kenneth with it. He then got out of the pool and the fight ended with Joyce punching two of Kenneth's teeth out then he said "my teeth look what you've done to my teeth". then she said "whistle if you can or just blow".

Sherrie Hewson plays and Portrays Joyce Temple Savage.



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