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Joyce Temple-Savage is the manager of the Solana hotel from the start of Series 5. She was played by Sherrie Hewson.


Joyce Temple-Savage claims she has much experience in the hotel industry, including having worked under Richard Branson. She speaks her mind and is not afraid to raise her voice at staff or clients when she doesn't get her way. She easily falls for the charms of men, and her weak spot is giving a job in the hotel to men she is attracted to, or in a relationship with.


She fell for head barman (Mateo Castellanos) after he pretended he was falling in love with her after she overheard him rudely complaining about her. In Series 6, she re-ignited an old relationship with dance teacher Cyril Babcock, until he had to leave the Solana after giving guests food poisoning. In Series 10, Joyce married Monty Staines, though she kept her surname.