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Benidorm kate
Kate Weedon
Residence London,UK
Spouses Martin Weedon (2007-2008)
First appearance Series 1, Episode 1
Last appearance Series 3, Episode 6
Duration 2007-2008, 2009
Number of appearances 17
Played by Abigail Cruttenden

Kate Weedon was a regular character in the early series of Benidorm, played by actress Abigail Cruttenden. Kate made her first appearance in the first episode and remained in Benidorm until the end of Series 2. Her character appeared for two episodes in Series 3. Kate is portrayed as unhappily married, broody, short-tempered and rarely pleased. She is the wife of Martin.


Series 1[]

Martin and Kate arrive at The Solana and Kate is unimpressed by most of her fellow guests and the staff. The couple first meet Donald and Jacqueline who tell them that the room that Kate and Martin are staying in has a variety of problems including overlooking the waste bins and faulty plumbing. Kate threatens to take the next flight home, but she is unable to get a cheap enough flight. Martin snaps at Kate on several occasions, saying how ungrateful she is. Kate sleeps with Mateo and instantly regrets it and Martin punches Mateo when he discovers the incident.

Series 2[]

Kate and Martin check into a better hotel in nearby Altea the following year. Kate seems to be a lot happier than the previous year, and is very pleased by their hotel. When the arrive at their room, they find Donald and Jacqueline in the bed with another swinger and discover that their room was double booked. The manager Antonio Dovez offers them a place at their sister hotel and is taken there by the chauffeur. When they arrive, Kate is horrified to see that their sister hotel is The Solana. Kate seems to be a lot happier than last year. Whilst Martin checks them both in, Kate sits round the pool. Donald and Jacqueline talk to her and remind her again about when she had sex with Mateo the previous year. Kate and Martin babysit Chantelle Garvey's son Coolio. Coolio constantly cries and Martin starts to dance and he stops. When Kate takes over, he starts to cry so Martin picks him up and Kate concludes that he likes Martin. Kate cheers for Martin in an arm wrestling contest. Martin won a €55 prize. They both go up to their room and have sex, according to Kate as she says at Madge's wedding that she was pregnant, but they both find out it was a misunderstanding.

Series 3[]

Martin visits to Benidorm with a "friend" called Brandy. She steals his money, passport along with many other goods. He then phones Kate asking for help for help therefore she flies over to the Solana next morning to help him out. However Martin's mother Diana also came to the Solana to help. Martin has one last chance to persuade Kate to re-build their relationship however she reveals she is dating someone else!