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Martin Weedon

First Appearance

Series 1, Episode 1

Episode Count



Nicholas Burns




Diana Armstrong


Kate Weedon

Last Appearance

Series 6, Episode 4


Brandy, Bianca Dyke


2007-2009, 2014

Martin Weedon is the lackluster husband of Kate, and although Martin thinks their marriage can work out, Kate no longer feels any attraction towards boring Martin. Martin is played by Nicholas Burns. Martin is constantly trying to please his wife Kate, but with little success. Their marriage is in trouble, because Kate desperately wants a child, but Martin has a low sperm count or similar, and is unlikely to ever father a child. However, Martin thought a holiday at the Solana hotel would give their relationship a fresh start. Martin and Kate arrive at the Solana, but Kate is totally unimpressed. Soon after arriving, the couple are invited to join Donald and Jacqueline, a happy pair of swingers, who tell the new arrivals their room has a variety of problems, including overlooking waste bins and suffering from faulty toilet plumbing. Kate threatens to take the next flight home, but is unable to get a cheap enough flight. Martin snaps at Kate on several occasions, claiming she is ungrateful. Kate in her exasperation, sleeps with sexy, but at the same time sleazy, bar waiter Mateo. Shortly after their session, Kate tells Mateo she made a mistake, and she would prefer to forget the incident. The scene ends with Kate giving Mateo a hard slap on the face.

Series 2[]

Martin and Kate book into a quiet hotel in neighbouring picturesque Altea the following year. Kate is much happier with her holiday choice than she was the previous year, and on arrival is satisfied with the hotel. However, when they get to their room, they find swingers Donald and Jacqueline in the bed with another swinger, and discover the room was double booked. The hotel has no space for them. The manager Antonio Dovez, offers them a place at their sister hotel and they keenly accept, assuming the sister hotel will be of a similar standard. They are driven to the sister hotel by a member of staff. But on arrival, Kate is horrified to see the sister hotel is the Solana. While Martin is checking them in, Kate waits by the pool. Donald and Jacqueline talk to her and remind her again about when she had sex with Mateo the previous year. Broody Kate and Martin babysit Chantelle Garvey's son Coolio. Coolio constantly cries but when Martin does a silly dance, he stops. When Kate takes over, he starts to cry again, so Martin has to resume. Kate concludes that Coolio likes Martin. Kate cheers for Martin in an arm wrestling contest final against Mateo. Martin won and picked up the €55 prize. Kate is now seeing spineless Martin in a new light, and after the contest they go to their room and have sex. At Madge's (Sheila Reid) wedding to Mel, Kate reveals she is pregnant, but later finds out it was a false alarm.

Series 3[]

Martin returns, but this time without Kate, as they have separated. Instead, blonde, rough around the edges Liverpudlian, Brandy joins him. When they take a trip to the waterfalls of Callosa (Fonts de l'Algar) Brandy pranks Martin by stealing his clothes. He ends up walking round the waterfalls naked, using young Michael Garvey as a shield to cover his privates. This embarrassing episode makes him very angry with Brandy, however he later forgives her when they start flirting with each other which leads to them having sex. It is later revealed that Brandy is not interested in Martin romantically, and is in a relationship with Gary, a con artist who helps her rob several rooms at the Solana. They take Martin's passport and money, and Martin phones Kate begging for help. Kates flies over to Alicante the next morning to help him out, However his selfish mother, Diana also arrived on the scene. Martin has one last chance to persuade Kate to have a go at re-building their relationship, but Kate reveals her dislike of the family dynamic, and says she is already dating someone else.

Series 6[]

Martin returns in series 6 for his friend's stag do. They are a particularly rowdy bunch, which annoys Solana manageress, Joyce Temple-Savage. She wants to kick them out. However, the groom-to-be is wealthy and bribes Joyce to allow them to carry on with their drunken antics by giving her 400 euros. Tiger Dyke later sells the groom tanning pills, which he passes off as party drugs. The stags want to see adult entertainer Sticky Vicky in action, but she is on holiday, so swinger Jacqueline puts on an act for the group. After the weekend the stag party leaves, but Martin stays on as he plans to visit his mother's nearby villa. After a drunken night, Martin wakes up in bed with Bianca Dyke, but he has no memory of what they did or didn't do during the night. When Bianca claims it is her 16th birthday, Martin panics as she would have only been 15 the night before. However, it turns out she was pranking him and is 23. The following night Martin invites Bianca on a date to the casino, but unimpressed by his meanness, Bianca throws her drink over Martin and walks out. Utterly dejected, Martin puts a coin into a fruit machine. He did not win but then remembered swinger Donald Stewart had lent him his lucky coin for the evening and he puts it into the machine. This time he hits the jackpot and ends the night winning hundreds of euros.