Mateo Castellano

First Appearance

Series 1, Episode 1

Last Appearance

Series 10, Episode 9

Episode Count



Jake Canuso




Daria Castellano (wife)
Mateo Castellanos Jr (son)
Alfonzo Castellanos (son)
Diego Castellanos (son)
Gabriella Castellanos (daughter)
Dolores (mother-in-law)
Unnamed (sister-in-law)


Kelly (ex-fiancé)
Kate Weedon
Natalie (ex-fiancé)
Troy Ramsbottom

Mateo Castellano is a major character on Benidorm. He is the main barman at the hotel.



Do you understand what he's saying Edit

he's the only one who can actually speak Spanish I can understand what he's saying at all times you have to be very careful what you say to him because if not he can get his own way at times. hey Edit

What did Mateo say to Lesley Edit

Mateo Castellano said that his home life was horrible he did tell Leslie that he has to get out of there while he can it's because of his mother in law she tried to stop him breathing so many times she hates him for leaving his wife and his kids.

Mother In Law Edit

Mateo doesn't get along very well with his mother in law when he returned to his Visa on his motorbike he saw that the door was open and went inside he got his suitcase and started to pack his things to start a new life. Mateo opened another door only to find his Mother In Law waiting for him she then pointed a loaded gun at him and then tied him up with tape to stop him from breathing. it took many people to call him the first one was Leslie he didn't hear anything then Kenneth had a message from him saying "Come to my Visa she try to kill me". it took Leslie, Kenneth and Liam who said: "Call the Police".

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