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Mateo Castellano/Castellanos

First Appearance

Series 1, Episode 1

Last Appearance

Season 10 Episode 9


Jake Canuso




Maria Castellano (wife)
Mateo Castellanos Jr (son)
Alfonso Castellanos (son)
Diego Castellanos (son)
Gabriel Castellanos (son)
Dolores (mother-in-law)
Unnamed (sister-in-law)


Kelly (ex-fiancée)
Kate Weedon
Natalie (ex-fiancée)
Troy Ramsbottom


Bisexual (assumed)

Mateo Castellano[1] is the only main Spanish character in the series. He is a rude, obnoxious, and arrogant womanizer who more-often-than-not gets his own way. As a member of staff at the hotel, he has the job of looking after the pool bar - which is a prime location to chat up the female guests.


Series 1[]

When the guests first arrive in Series 1 Mateo takes an interest in Kate Weedon, and despite the fact she is married to Martin Weedon he constantly flirts with her. In Series 1 Episode 3 he ends up sleeping with Kate, which upsets his fiancé Kelly, and both women find out and slap him. Mateo obviously has no interest in either woman because in the next episode he sleeps with Troy Ramsbottom.

Series 2[]

In Series 2 he has forgotten about Kate, although when she returns to the Solana he starts flirting with her again unaware of the fact that he slept with her last year, though he remembers her when she slaps him again. In Series 2 episode 3 he has an arm wrestling contest with Martin Weedon, who was determined to beat Mateo after he slept with his wife last year. When they take the guests to watch bullfighting, Mateo ends up becoming the Torero, to the 'bull' ands up being a dog, as the whole event was just a front to advertise a food processor. In Series 2 Episode 5 Mateo tries to get back with his old flame, Kelly. Unfortunately Kelly's mother Sylvia is in town and she doesn't suffer fools gladly.

Series 3[]

In Series 3 Mateo helps Mel Harvey arrange a meeting with the 'owner' of Peacock Island. He also incorrectly tells Noreen Maltby that her son Geoff is gay. Martin's new travel friend Brandy catches Mateo's eye. In Series 4 one of Mateo's old loves, Natalie Jones, arrives, however her friend Sam Wood is determined to make sure they do not get back together. In Series 4 Episode 3, swinger Donald Stewart has a heart attack during one of Mateo's aerobic seasons. Mateo almost loses his job until Les Conroy helps him get it back. In return Mateo offers to go on a double date with Les, however the catch is he has to be in drag for the date, like Les, and while Mateo is waiting outside, police mistake him for a prostitute and arrest him.


• ‘Spanish Bastard’ -Madge Harey

• ‘The Barman’ - Various

• ‘Dirty Diego’ -Trudy

• ’Dick’ -Various

• ‘Dirty Spaniard’ -Bianca Dyke

• ‘Secret Whoopsie’ -Kenneth DuBeke

• ‘Slime Ball’ -Sam Wood


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