Mel Harvey
Benidorm mel

First Appearance

Series 2, Episode 1

Last Appearance

Series 3, Episode 6

Episode Count



Geoffrey Hutchings


25th December 1939


25th December 2010


Nerys Harvey (?-1979) Madge Barron (wife) (2008–2010) Michael Garvey (step grandson) Chantelle Garvey (step granddaughter) Janice Garvey (step daughter)


Businessman (formerly)


Died on Christmas Day.

Melvin 'Mel' Churchill Harvey appears in the second series as Madge's fiancée. Mel is as rude as Madge and is despised by the Garvey family. Mel is an affluent man who started his business empire from a bakery in Kirkstall, he now has a chain of five sunbed shops in Manchester, which he tells everyone who will listen. In the third series he owns a shop in Benidorm renting mobility scooters something Mick describes as a business 'renting scooters to fat alcoholics who are too lazy to walk to the pub'. By the third series he is seen to get on with Madge's grandson Michael but is still brisk and pompous with everyone else. After Mick workstvhfgcdetetdgcgcgdyffgghcgf

cffgfgg for him in Benidorm he begins to get on better with him. Hutchings died in July 2010. The characters' absence from the 2010 Christmas special is explained by the Garveys who say Mel "is away on business in Marrakech". Mel's second-in-command and son-in-law Mick and Mel's wife Madge receives several unheard mobile phone calls from Mel, explaining that his flight has been delayed and he has to take the next flight the following day. In the end Mick recieves a phone call confirming that Mel had sadly passed away. After his death his wife Madge Harvey lost all their money and con man Mohammad Mohammad claimed to have half Mels fortune from a business ness trip in Marrakech prior before he died.

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