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Season 1 - Season 7

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Season 7 Episode 2


Mel Harvey (Step Grandfather 2008-2010)
Janice Garvey (mother)
Mick Garvey (father)
Telle Garvey (sister)
Madge Harvey (grandmother)
Valda (aunt)
Cheryl (aunt)
Mandi (aunt)
Jackie (aunt)
Maureen (aunt)
Sharon (aunt)
Stan Garvey (grandfather)
Pete Garvey (Uncle)
Coolio Garvey (nephew)


Las Vegas (possibly)


Tiger Dyke


Alaina (Season 6 Episode 7)

Series 1[]

Michael gets hold of a lighter and sets his grandmother Madge Harvey (Sheila Reid)'s magazine on fire, causing his mother to panic and discipline him. When he goes swimming, he almost drowns but is rescued by Geoff Maltby (Johnny Vegas). When Michael finds out his sister, Chantelle Garvey (Hannah Hobley) is pregnant he pesters her by asking questions. Chantelle distracts Michael by telling him there was a monster in the pool. This made Michael afraid to go into the pool until his parents told them Chantelle had down syndrome,. Michael begun begging his dad, Mick Garvey (Steve Pemberton) to go to the beach although he refused because he didn't want to spend any money. He eventually decides to take them when they win the pub quiz to pay for it. They are scammed by paying for sun beds by a woman who doesn’t work there, they eventually find the woman and take their money back when his mother pushes her to the floor taking it out her bag (additionally taking more as reparations) When they return from the beach, Michael poos in the pool, disturbing the other guests and prompting the Solana resort to close the pool for the rest of the holiday.

Series 2[]

Madge's new boyfriend Mel Harvey (Geoffrey Hutchings) brings the Garveys back to Benidorm. Michael is fond of Mel and gets quite excited when he proposes to Madge. He annoys his father when he keeps calling Mel "Grandad". Michael spends most the season playing his portable game console however his family does take him to see a bullfight. He also takes part of an arm-wrestling contest where he loses to Geoff Maltby, AKA "The Oracle". Michael gets upset when Mick is arrested for knocking Mel out. Jacqueline Stewart (Janine Duvitski) tells him that Mel has probably died, and his father is going to be locked up in prison for life.

Series 3[]

Michael is not excited for his holiday this year, as Madge has told him the boogeyman was coming after him. Michael's holiday gets worse when they go to the waterfalls of Spain. Martin Weedon (Nicholas Burns) has his clothes taken and uses Michael to cover up his privates. In the 4th episode, after Mel states that men should be men, Michael sings karaoke ("Hey Big Spender" by Dame Shirley Bassey) in a very effeminate manner, prompting his family to suspect that he might be gay. In the final episode of the series, Michael gets upset when Mel and Madge move to Spain and he wants to move with them.

Christmas Special[]

The Garveys arrive at Benidorm to spend Christmas with Madge and Mel at their luxurious villa. When they arrive, there is no sign of Mel. He tells the Garveys that he was working in Morocco, but it turns out he was in hospital in a critical condition. Whilst at the Benidorm Palace, the Garveys received a heartbreaking phone call and Mick is informed that Mel has died. In the closing scene, Father Christmas is outside the Benidorm Palace handing out presents, but Michael does not want one upon hearing of Mel's death.

Series 4[]

The Garveys are back in Benidorm, only to discover that Madge has mysteriously disappeared and sold her villa to Cilla Black. Michael's parents leave him at the Solana for a few minutes. He hears Sam Wood (Shelley Longworth) and Natalie Jones (Kathryn Drysdale) listening to some music and goes over to speak to them. Sam decides to give Michael a lap dance but when his mother Janice Garvey (Siobhan Finneran) returns, she throws Sam in the pool in a fit of rage. They find Madge, who they discover is in a lot of debt. It is discovered that gangsters have bought her debt, and are threatening to take her life. Whilst his family go and sort out Madge's debts, they leave Michael with Noreen Maltby (Elsie Kelly). Later on, his family take Michael to the water park, where they meet Pauline Mamood (Selina Griffiths) who has a strange encounter with Mick. Michael meets a girl at the reception bar and a romance is sparked, however Michael cannot find her later on and it is revealed that she has been sent to another hotel due to her room being flooded out. In the final episode of the series, Madge buys a bar in Benidorm and her whole family decides to stay.

Series 5[]

The bar the Garveys opened in Series 4 did not work out, so they come back a year later on holiday. Mick has had to remain in the UK to sort out some problems with the sunbed shops. By now, Michael's attitude changes drastically as he becomes rude and disrespectful. When Mick arrives, Michael soon cheers up as Mick takes Michael on his brother, Pete Garvey's stag do. Michael ends up drunk and upon coming back to the Solana, he throws up in front of Janice. Liam Conroy (Adam Gillen) takes Michael out with a bunch of Olympic swimmers, however when they all go on a boat Liam needs to leave Michael with Trudy (Michelle Butterly) as he is not old enough to go on the booze cruise. Michael sees Madge get dragged into a car by a strange man who he believes to be an organ thief. He and his family go after them and they find out the man is in fact Mohammed Mohammed who dragged Madge into the car. He claims to be a business partner of Mel. Mohammed and Madge agree to get married in order to transfer the money over, however on the day he was supposed to marry Madge, Michael sees him on a TV advert and discovers he's an actor and con man. In the final episode of the series, Mick reveals to the rest of the Garveys that all the sunbed shops Mel had left them in his will have been destroyed by fire (owing to the stock having cheap and possibly dangerous parts), and to make matters worse Mick had not paid the insurance premium, leaving them penniless. Madge is bitterly angry and turns on Mick, but Michael denounces her. To bring his family back together he decides to sing a song ("You'll Never Walk Alone") for them on the karaoke.

Series 6[]

In this season, Mick gets arrested when Alicante's passport control mistakes some tanning pills for illegal drugs! Whilst his mum is away at the airport trying to get his dad out of jail Michael is left alone at the Solona. He makes friends with Tiger Dyke (Danny Walters) who is a bad influence on Michael! He takes him out drinking and makes him get a tattoo! This causes conflict between the Garveys and Dykes. Madge wants Michael to stop hanging out with Tiger however he ignores her. Tiger makes Michael rob the tanning pills and hotel wrist bands so they can sell them to make money. He uses the money to buy his family gifts to apologize for getting a tattoo but Madge gets suspicious and wonders where he got the money from. In the 4th episode Michael falls out with Tiger when he makes him lose all his money during a volleyball bet however they make up later in the season. They go to the beach where they meet Elena, who they are both attracted to. It is revealed that she likes Michael more than Tiger, who is reluctant to accept this and attempts to steal Elena from Michael! On the last day of the holiday things don't look like they're going to get better between the Dkyes and Garveys so Michael tries to bring them together because he still wants to stay friends with Tiger. When he manages to revolve the conflict between the Dykes and Garveys, Tiger realizes it is wrong to steal Elena from him therefore he lets Michael go on a date with Elena

Series 7[]

The Garveys are worried Madge is being stalked! They meet a guy called Buck A. Roo who reveals that Madge is about to inherit millions from the Collins family however they believe it's a fraud, so they tell him to go away! Les Conroy (Tim Healy) does some research on Buck A. Roo which finds out he is telling the truth. Therefore, Madge and the Garvey's go after him, and they all leave for Las Vegas!