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Natalie Jones is Sam's best friend and arrives in Series 4 Episode 1. She is known as Mateo's ex-girlfriend who returns to Benidorm. On her first day in Benidorm, she is stalked by Liam and weirdly finds him funny, the two become friends shortly afterwards. Natalie also looks on as Sam's hair is pulled by Janice. She later falls for Mateo who later dresses up as a prostitute to which he later gets arrested.

On the last episode of Series 4, she watches naked Mateo get chased by police after getting tricked by Kerry Bental, who is Sam's friend, who only appears once. Liam then asks Natalie and Sam if they could go to a club and accept, Natalie then leaves Benidorm. Natalie is no longer introduced in any other episodes. In Series 5, Sam comes on holiday with her other best friend Trudy.


Natalie was introduced as Sam Wood's best friend, but later becomes good friends with Liam Conroy, who has a small crush on her. Natalie was once comfortable around greasy Spanish barman, Mateo. She even wanted to marry him and thought they were engaged at one point.