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Sam Wood
Occupation Holiday Representative at Beni-Go Travel
First appearance Series 4, Episode 1
Last appearance Series 10, Episode 9
Duration 2011-2012, 2017-2018

Samantha 'Sam' Wood is a fictional character in the ITV sitcom Benidormcreated by an English comedy writer and actor, Derren Litten. She was introduced in Series 4 with her friend Natalie and later returned in Series 5 with Trudy. She wasn't afraid to tell people what she thought of them! It seems when Sam has had a few drinks she gets herself into trouble... this includes breaking her leg whilst our clubbing, and having sex with someone rather unsuitable in the pool's shower!


Series 4[]

Sam arrives at the Solana with her friend Natalie.

Series 5[]

Sam is back, this time with a new Liverpudlian friend, Trudy. They are after 24 hour fun and won't let anything stand in there way! The new Karaoke singer Asa Elliott catches Sams eye and when she tries to get up on stage to sing with him she trips and breaks her arm! When Jack arrives at the Solana Sam and Trudy start flirting with him however they find out he is only interested in Janice Garvey. Sam bets Trudy that she can't be lady like for 24 hours and when they try to go on a booze cruise they wont let Trudy on board as she is too old! Therefore Sam goes on by herself however her chances of romance is ruined when Liam brings a group of young swimmers on board. Sam and Liam get closer and when Sam gets drunk she ends up snogging Liam. Trudy tells Sam that Liam slept with her without protection, though this turns out to be a trick, however Sam gets her own back by telling them she is pregnant with Liam's baby, although this was also a trick. In the final episode of the series, Sam ends up getting closer with Asa who ends up giving her his number.

It was confirmed in late-2016 that Longworth was reprising her role as Sam in the ninth series of Benidorm - it was also confirmed Sam will return to the Solana, not as a holiday-maker, but as the newest member of the Solana staff.

Fun Fact: Sam Has Broken Her Leg and Arm in Benidorm, as well as sustaining a back injury that required a neck brace.