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Series 1 Episode 2
Air date 8th February 2007
Written by Derren Litten
Directed by Kevin Allen
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Series 1 Episode 2 was the second episode of the first series, and the second episode overall, of the ITV's hit holiday sit-com Benidorm. It first aired on 8th February 2007 on ITV1.


After the shock revelation about Chantelle's pregnancy, the guests can find little else to talk about. Martin and Kate take a trip into the resort centre, where they have a traumatising experience.


All the regulars are gossiping about Telle's pregnancy; her family are concerned, except Madge, who thinks she's just done it to ruin her holiday. Because Kate doesn't want to spend a moment longer in the resort, Martin suggests a trip out to the town centre of Benidorm. But it ends in disaster when they get constantly lost and eventually seek refuge in a bar for a quiet drink...

The evening's entertainment at Neptune's Bar is supplied by a blacked up tribute act to the American South, which leaves Gavin and Troy open-mouthed. They are also shocked to hear about a sexy magic act called Sticky Vicky, who produces bunches of flowers, and other things, from an intimate part of her body, despite being well into her sixties. Kate and Martin return to the resort traumatised - the bar they were drinking in had Sticky Vicky performing!


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  • This episode featured cameos by Derren Litten, the show's writer and creator, and Kevin Allen, the show's director.
  • Viewing figures in the U.K - 4.86 million [1]