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Series 1 Episode 3
Air date 15th February 2007
Written by Derren Litten
Directed by Kevin Allen
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Series 1 Episode 3 was the third episode of the first series, and the third episode overall, of the ITV's hit holiday sit-com Benidorm. It first aired on 15th February 2007 on ITV1.

Kelly, a member of the Solana staff, tells Donald and Jacqueline that she is engaged to the sexy waiter Mateo. Mateo is then seen flirting with Kate. Having now got over the shock of Chantelle's pregnancy, Janice begins to bond with her daughter. Geoff and his mother do a duet at the karaoke.


Madge melanoma

Kelly tries to talk to Madge about melanoma

Kelly - a pretty member of the Solana staff - tactfully tries to warn all-day sunbather Madge about melanoma, although Madge just claims that she can't help her as she doesn't know a Melanie what's-her-name. Kelly tells Donald and Jacqueline that she is engaged to the sexy waiter Mateo... having known him for years, Donald and Jacqueline try to hide their worries on her behalf.

Having now got over the shock of Telle having a baby, Janice finds that she is bonding better with her daughter. Mateo flirts with Kate, who is clearly flattered by his attention. He says that, like her, he is hot and that he is going for a lie down in his room - room 18. Martin returns to the sun beds to find Kate gone. She returns flustered and, for once, surprisingly upbeat about the resort!

Mateo and kate

Mateo brings Kate a cocktail before flirting with her

Later, in Neptune's Bar, the Oracle and his mum - who he is still trying to make people believe is his PA - do a karaoke duet of "You're The One That I Want". Mistaken by Kate's apparent change in mood, Martin gives her a necklace. Overcome by guilt Kate rushes out of Neptune's. Mateo follows her. She tells him to leave her alone - it was just sex. Mateo realises there is someone behind him. It is Kelly - who throws her engagement ring on the floor, slaps Mateo and runs off in tears. Mateo asks Kate if she saw where the ring went. She slaps him as well!


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  • Viewing figures in the UK - 3.88 million[1]