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Series 1 Episode 4
Air date 22nd February 2007
Written by Derren Litten
Directed by Kevin Allen
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Series 1 Episode 4 was the fourth episode of the first series, and the fourth episode overall, of the ITV hit holiday sit-com Benidorm. It first aired on 22nd February 2007 on ITV1.


Martin is happy now that his marriage is back on track but Kate feels guilty as she was too drunk to remember what happened the night before. Janice becomes jealous when Suzie, the girl Mick met when buying flip flops sings karaoke, assuming she is singing to Mick. Madge accidentally gives Donald and Jacqueline the impression that she is a swinger.


During a conversation with Donald and Jacqueline, Madge unwittingly gives them the impression that she is a swinger, and accepts an invitation up to their room before dinner. Meanwhile Martin is feeling rather upbeat. He talks about the sensational sex he and Kate had last night - embarrassed Kate says she doesn't remember...she was too drunk.

Tonight it's Troy's turn to get drunk and flirt with Mateo. The Oracle tries to be the big shot playing pool with Telle. She can clearly see his competitive streak and takes the piss out of him.

Upstairs Donald welcomes Madge to their room. Madge is horrified to find Jacqueline with her legs akimbo and various sex toys scattered around.

Back in Neptune's Bar, Janice thinks that Susie (who Mick innocently met earlier on their holiday trying to buy some flip flops) is singing "Sexy Thing" to Mick. Mick protests his innocence as Madge returns in a terrible state but is eventually easily placated by Donald with two hundred duty free cigs.

Kate leaves Martin alone in the club to order food for her...has she gone to meet Mateo? Susie leaves the club and Janice (seeing no sign of Mick) follows her as she's convinced they are up to something. She gets to the pool bar and hears the noise of two people under the bar. She tells them to come out of there and is gobsmacked to see it is Troy and Mateo!


Main Cast[]

Guest Stars[]

  • Jan Graveson as Susie
  • Paul Smith as Daniel


  • Viewing figures in the U.K - 4.02 million [1]