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Series 1 Episode 5
Air date 1st March 2007
Written by Derren Litten
Directed by Kevin Allen
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Fifth episode of Series 1.


The Oracle is outraged that a quiz veteran like himself is beaten, more by luck than judgment, by the Garveys in the pub quiz, and demands a recount, though he doesn't get one. Kate is annoyed that Madge, in whom she has confided about her difficulty in conceiving, has broken her trust, whilst Donald reassures Gavin that Troy still loves him.


It is quiz night in Neptune's. Geoff is hoping that he wins, and Chantelle and Michael really want to go to the beach, so Mick and the family enter the quiz, but it all kicks off when Geoff comes second and the Garveys win the quiz. Geoff kicks off and shouts and screams. He also humiliates Mateo in front of the holidaymakers, shouting out he had an affair with Troy and Kate, before Mateo throws him out. Martin then punches Mateo to the floor, to raucous applause from onlookers.


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