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Series 1 Episode 6
Air date 8th March 2007
Written by Derren Litten
Directed by Kevin Allen
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Sixth and final episode of Series 1.


Having stayed within the Solana complex for all of the holiday because everything is inclusive, Mick is horrified when his family drag him off to the beach and he is forced to pay the extortionate prices, though they later realise they were conned, and Janice gets their money back when she spots the conwoman at Neptune's later. Worse is to befall Mick, however, when the girl Janice thought was after him turns out to be a DSS inspector who ends up prosecuting him for claiming he is unable to work then going on holiday. The Oracle also decides that he will never go on holiday with his mum again, and Martin is pleased at his wife's fling with Mateo, feeling that it has spiced up their lives.


Main Cast[]

Guest Stars[]

  • Paul Smith as Daniel
  • Pere Agullo as a DSS Inspector
  • Sophie Dix as a DSS Inspector
  • Ella Kenion as Julie