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Series 2 Episode 8
Air date 16th May 2008
Written by Derren Litten
Directed by Sandy Johnson
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Series 2 Episode 8
Summer Special 2009

Eighth and final episode of Series 2.


On the eve of their wedding, Madge and Mel take a stroll along a romantic, moonlit beach, only to discover that it is a 'dogging' beach where people go for public, casual sex, and they are importuned by a man up for a threesome. (Needless to say Donald and Jacqueline are there as well.) The wedding day dawns and Janice has a pep-talk with Madge - she is the only one of Madge's five daughters still speaking to her. Assured that her mother is making the right decision, she takes her place at the beach ceremony, but the marriage is not finalised because the Oracle collides with Mel while parasailing, knocking Mel out. When he comes round he is amnesiac, and in an attempt to fix this, Mick punches him, accidentally knocking him back out, and gets arrested whilst the groom is carted off to hospital.


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