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Series 3 Episode 2
Air date 9th October 2009
Written by Derren Litten
Directed by Sandy Johnson
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Second episode of Series 3.


Noreen, the Oracle's mum, assumes he is gay when he tells her he is not interested in currently dating women, and she seeks advice from Gavin and Troy. Whilst most of the other guests are on a day trip to a water park, the Oracle goes to an internet café and meets, online, a woman called Lesley, though, unbeknown to him, Lesley is actually a transvestite. At the water park, Mick antagonises everyone by arguing with Madge and Mel, and Martin ends up in the nude when Brandy steals his clothes whilst he is swimming. Back at the bar Mick makes up with Janice when he says it with flowers, but Martin sends Brandy packing for humiliating him and she ends up kissing Paco. The biggest humiliation is reserved for the Oracle, however, when his mother 'outs' him from the karaoke stage and performs 'YMCA' with Gavin, Troy, the Stewarts and Mateo dressed as the Village People, causing him to flee in horror.


Main Cast[]

Guest cast[]

  • Kamal Simpson as Paco Benite (Last appearance)
  • Tim Healy as Lesley Conroy (First appearance)
  • Shaun Foster-Conley as himself (First appearance)