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Series 3 Episode 5
Air date 30th October 2009
Written by Derren Litten
Directed by Sandy Johnson
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Fifth episode of Series 3.


The Brits count the cost of the burglary. Kate flies out to support Martin, sending Madge packing when she suggests that Martin was an accomplice, and giving him hope of a reconciliation. His mother Diana also arrives, and seems to know the area - and particularly Mateo - better than she should. The Oracle is almost arrested for wasting police time when he lies about trying to foil a whole gang of burglars but gets another date with Chantelle, and Troy confesses to Gavin that he has a son, aged twenty-one. Madge and Mel are entertaining everyone on the trampoline at the new cabaret club when news breaks that the burglars have been caught.


Main Cast[]

Guest cast[]

  • Una Stubbs as Diana Weedon
  • Joe Ferrara as Policeman
  • Ashley Kumar as Jamie