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Series 4 Episode 1
Air date 25th February 2011
Written by Derren Litten
Directed by Sandy Johnson
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Christmas Special 2010
Series 4 Episode 2

First episode of Series 4.


The surprise is on the Garveys when their surprise visit to Madge reveals that she has sold the Palace and her villa - to Cilla Black - and left no forwarding address. They book in to the Solana, where the Stewarts are also staying. With Troy at his dying father's bedside back in the UK, Gavin has returned to Benidorm without him, instead taking workmate Kenneth, who never stops eating. Cross-dressing Les is the new poolside barman, and his gormless young son Liam is smitten with pretty tourist Natalie, to the scorn of her sarcastic friend Sam. When Madge is finally located, she reveals that Mel left her with huge debts, forcing her to sell up and move into a caravan park from which she has just been evicted as she owes rent. Janice decides she should stay at the Solana with them, and the family and staff close ranks to see off Scary Mary, the caravan park owner's wife, when she comes to collect Madge's arrears.


Main Cast[]

Guest cast[]

  • Cilla Black as herself (One-off appearance)
  • Neil Fitzmaurice as Lucky Kev (First appearance)
  • Denise Welch as Scary Mary (First appearance)