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Series 4 Episode 2
Air date 4th March 2011
Written by Derren Litten
Directed by Sandy Johnson
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Second episode of Series 4.


Noreen arrives in Benidorm with her bossy daughter Pauline, who alienates the Garveys with her manner but ends up inside a rubber ring with Mick at a water park, causing Janice to suspect the worst. Natalie agrees to a date with Liam to spite Sam who comes too and falls off a table while dancing. Janey is impressed by Lesley's initiative, which annoys Mateo, who falsely claims that children are scared by his transvestism. This backfires on him when Janey suggests that he should also drag up to make it seem more natural. Madge's uncharitable response to the Stewarts' whip-round to ease her financial woes also comes back to bite her.


Main Cast[]

Guest cast[]

  • Shaun Foster-Conley as himself