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Series 4 Episode 5
Air date 1st April 2011
Written by Derren Litten
Directed by Sandy Johnson
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Fifth episode of Series 4.


Gavin learns that Troy's father has died, so, to cheer him up, Kenneth takes him out for the day but, by design, ends up at a gay nudist beach where he gets chatted up by a bare hunk. Gavin is not pleased and sacks him. Madge has the chance to take over a bar - the site of Mel's former mobility scooter shop. She prays for a sign and gets one in the form of one of Mel's old thongs and agrees to go into business. Mateo accompanies Les on a double date to repay him for getting him his job back. Unfortunately Mateo has to drag up for the date, and police mistake him for a prostitute and arrest him. Bananarama arrive for the 1980s evening and get mistaken for a tribute band as there are only two of them. Jacqueline, however, successfully makes up the trio, while Liam is less successful in his persistent pursuit of Natalie.


Main Cast[]

Guest cast[]

  • Sara Dallin as herself (One-off appearance)
  • Keren Woodward as herself (One-off appearance)
  • Neil Fitzmaurice as Lucky Kev
  • Julian Bastida as Ray (One-off appearance)
  • Joey Ansah as Ricky (One-off appearance)