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Series 4 Episode 6
Air date 8th April 2011
Written by Derren Litten
Directed by Sandy Johnson
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Sixth and final episode of Series 4.


After Donald's clothes and a suicide note are found on a beach, Gavin and Kenneth help Jacqueline bid him farewell. The British consul however suspects an insurance fraud. Due to a misunderstanding at a gladiatorial theme park, Janice finds herself in the arena where she defeats all-comers. Troy arrives in Benidorm, a wealthy man after his father left him several houses and four hundred thousand pounds. Pauline celebrates a successful divorce, Liam declares his appreciation of his father and Madge opens her bar, publicly thanking the Garveys for their support whilst Mateo is exposed - literally - as a cheat with a wife and children. Most of the Brits head home, except Jacqueline, who has an appointment in Morocco.


Main Cast[]

Guest cast[]

  • Michael Fenton Stevens as Sir Henry (First appearance)
  • Danyl Johnson as himself (One-off appearance)
  • Derren Litten as Man at Bar (One-off appearance)
  • Neil Fitzmaurice as Lucky Kev (Last appearance)
  • Uncredited as Kerry Bental (One-off appearance)