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Series 5 Episode 4
Air date 16th March 2012
Written by Neil Fitzmaurice
Directed by John Henderson
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Fourth episode of Series 5.


Hearing that a local gang is abducting people to sell their organs, the Garveys are alarmed when Michael sees Madge getting into a car with a swarthy young man. Giving chase they learn that he is Mohammed, a Moroccan whose father did business with Mel and who is returning some of her late husband's belongings to Madge. Joyce aims to impress Victor St James, editor of the 'Costa Class' magazine, mistakenly believing that his loutish behaviour is a front to catch her out. After Mateo burns the paella and Trudy headbutts Victor for thinking she was a prostitute, Joyce is fearful of a negative review, however salvation comes from a most unlikely quarter. Donald and Jacqueline, meanwhile, set out to meet some swingers, but, due to a misunderstanding, Gavin and Noreen unwittingly beat them to it.


Main Cast[]

Guest cast[]

  • Asa Elliott as himself
  • Dhafer L'Abidine as Mohammed Mohammed (First appearance)
  • Ted Robbins as Victor St James (One-off appearance)