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Series 5 Episode 5
Air date 23rd March 2012
Written by Steve Pemberton
Directed by John Henderson
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Fifth episode of Series 5.


After their night with the swingers, which Noreen enjoyed without understanding, she and Gavin get locked out on his balcony, whilst Madge shocks her family by announcing her forthcoming marriage to Mohammed as a tax dodge to regain money owed to Mel by his father. The British Olympic Synchronised Swimming team arrive at the Solana, led by frosty Hazel McCafferty. Joyce delegates Liam to show the girls around, but they trick him into taking them onto a booze cruise. Whilst Trudy and Michael fail in their efforts to join the cruise as being too old and too young (the entrance limits for the cruise are over 18s and under 30s only), come evening the girls are too drunk to give their gala demonstration. Fortunately Lesley saves the situation with an impromptu pool party and Joyce gets her own back on the snide Hazel.


Main Cast[]

Guest cast[]

  • Asa Elliott as himself
  • Dhafer L'Abidine as Mohammed Mohammed
  • Siobhan Redmond as Hazel McCafferty (One-off appearance)
  • Naomi Battrick as Hermione (One-off appearance)
  • Jensen Hatton as the Deputy Mayor of Benidorm (One-off appearance)
  • Alba Ortega as Carmen York
  • Carl Rice as Danny (One-off appearance)