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Series 5 Episode 6
Air date 30th March 2012
Written by Steve Pemberton
Directed by Sandy Johnson
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Sixth episode of Series 5.


As Madge prepares for her wedding to Mohammed, Mick and Michael discover that he is no rich businessman's son but a penniless actor out to marry Madge for her supposed fortune. The Garveys follow him to a medieval tournament recreation, where the would-be groom gets his 'joust' deserts. Trudy, meanwhile, tries to play a trick on Sam by convincing her that she had sex with Liam, but Sam and a borrowed pregnancy testing kit have the last laugh. Concerned that the Solana's bad press is due to a spy in the resort leaking all the disasters that have befallen it, Joyce asks Donald and Jacqueline to shadow the staff to expose the culprit. Their result leads to a face from the past.


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