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Series 6



Filming Started

25 March 2012

Filming Ended

June 2013

Originally planned air fate

September 2013

Began to air

2 January 2014

A sixth series began production on 25 March 2013, with filming ending in June 2013. Nicholas Burns who played Martin Weedon in Series 1-3 is said to return as Martin in Series 6 on a stag do. It has also been said that Matthew Kelly who played Cyril Babcock in Series 5 will also return to the series. Hugh Sachs will not be returning as Gavin for the series due to other commitments, Elsie Kelly who plays Noreen Maltby will also not be returning this series due to other commitments but will Return for Series 7. It was also confirmed that a new family, the Dykes would be arriving during this series. All other characters from Series 5 are set to star in this series as-well. Joan Collins will make a guest appearance as high-roller Crystal Hennesey Vass the CEO of the Solana and will make an enemy of Joyce Temple-Savage. Former Brookside star Philip Olivier and Sherrie Hewson's on-screen husband and former Coronation Street favourite Ken Morley will also have guest appearances.It has been reported that Johnny Vegas and Hannah Hobley will return as their roles as Geoff Maltby and Chantelle Garvey. The series started airing 2 January 2014.


  • In episode 6, Jack pranks Michael and Tiger, who were on a pedalo and far past the buoys, with a fake shark fin, however it would be impossible for him to have swam that far.
    • Also, Michael and Tiger wouldn't have been allowed to go that far past the buoys.
  • In episode 6, Tiger lied that Michael couldn't swim to get Elena to come with them on the pedalo, however someone who can't swim would not be allowed to go on the pedalo.