Tiger Dyke
Tiger Dyke
Residence Watford, UK
Father Clive Dyke
Mother Tonya Dyke
Siblings Bianca Dyke
First appearance Series 6, Episode 1
Last appearance Series 9, Episode 9
Duration 2014-2017
Number of appearances 27 Episodes
Played by Danny Walters

Tiger Dyke arrives in Series 6 along with his father Clive Dyke and mother, Tonya Dyke. Tiger is a very stroppy teenager - but is a crafty troublemaker who is very clever, and knows how to play sneaky tricks on people. He is insulting and rude to his family and friends - such as calling his sister a slag.

Storylines Edit

Series 6 Edit

Tiger is unhappy when he first arrives at the Solona with his parents as their was nothing to do. When Michael Garvey (Oliver Stokes) comes he becomes friend with him however he keeps getting him into trouble. In just the first few days of the holiday, Tiger manages to get Michael drunk, help him get a tattoo and involves him in a plan to steal the Solana's all inclusive wristbands and sell them in town. This causes conflict between the Garveys and Dykes therefore Michael falls out with Tiger. They make up later in the season and decide to go to the beach where they meet Elena, who they are both attracted to. It is revealed that she likes Michael more than Tiger, who is reluctant to accept this and attempts to steal Elena from Michael! In the end he realizes it is wrong and lets Michael go on a date with Elena.

Series 7 Edit

Tiger comes on holiday with a friend in Series 7 however when his friend robs him his dad needs to come to help him out. His dad is now single and embarrasses Tiger by constantly flirting with other Holiday Makers. His Aunt Terri Dawson (Charlotte Eaton) comes to Benidorm in the 3rd episode. When his dad is is swindled out of 5,000 euros Terri and Tiger come up with a plan to help him get his money back. In this season Karaoke singer Annie catches Tigers eye. He keeps attempting to flirts with her and even tries to sing a song for her. It is not till the final episode where they sing together and share a kiss.

Series 8 Edit

Tiger is accompanied by friend Joey in this series of Benidorm. Tiger is forced into the sensible role, as Joey isn't the smartest of the crop, and often gets Tiger in trouble in his antics.

Series 9 Edit

Tiger and Joey return to Benidorm in the 9th Series of Benidorm. The holiday is off to a rocky start when Tiger hooks up with Rob Dawson's Grandmother.


  • Oh my god!
  • Hello, Mr/Mrs G!
  • Come on, Mikey!
  • Haha, win-win!
  • Cha-Ching!
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