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Tiger Dyke
Occupation Labourer at Building Suite
Residence Watford, UK
Father Clive Dyke
Mother Tonya Dyke
Siblings Bianca Dyke
Appears in Season 6 - Season 9
First appearance Season 6 Episode 1
Last appearance Season 9 Episode 9
Duration 2014-2017
Number of appearances 27 Episodes
Played by Danny Walters

Tiger Dike arrives in Series 6 episode 1 along with his father Clive Dyke and mother, Tonya Dyke. His Sister Bianca Dyke later joins in episode 3. Tiger is a very stroppy teenager - but is a crafty troublemaker who is very clever, and knows how to play sneaky tricks on people. He is insulting and rude to his family and friends - such as calling his sister a slag.

Storylines []

Series 6[]

In series 6, Tiger comes on holiday to the “4-star” Solana resort with his mother, Tonya Dyke, and his father, Clive Dyke. He becomes annoyed that the hotel doesn’t have WiFi and complains to his mother. They both want to leave the hotel but Clive tells them that the hotel isn’t that bad and says they are staying. Later in the series, his sister Bianca Dyke turns up after being dumped by her fiancé in the Maldives. Tiger makes friends with Michael Garvey, a fellow holidaymaker and they get up to mischief together including Michael getting drunk and getting a tattoo saying Benidorm on it.

Series 7[]

In series 7, Tiger returns with his friend called Zach who stole all of his money and ran away leaving him with the word TWAT on his forehead. Tiger then meets his friend Michael from last year then goes to reception to call his dad. His dad says he will fly out. Later in the series, his Auntie Terri arrives and stays with them. Tiger has a romantic interest in Annie who according to Liam does karaoke at the Picadili Bar.

Series 8[]

Tiger Dyke is accompanied by friend Joey in this series of Benidorm. Tiger Dyke is forced into the sensible role, as Joey isn't the smartest of the crop, and often gets Tiger Dyke in trouble in his antics. They both become friends with Rob Dawson who is holidaying with his family.

Series 9[]

In series 9, Tiger returns once again with his friend Joey. They both try and find girls in this series alongside their friend Rob Dawson. The character was last seen in Season 9 Episode 9.

Series 10

The character of Tiger did not reappear in Season 10 after the actor joined Eastenders.


  • Oh my god!
  • Hello, Mr/Mrs G!
  • Come on, Mikey!
  • Haha, win-win!
  • There’s no WiFi
  • Joey!