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Tonya Dyke
Tonya Dyke
Occupation Beauty Therapist
Born Around 1976
Birthplace Northern London
Residence Watford, UK
Spouses Clive Dyke (ex)
Children Tiger Dyke
Bianca Dyke
First appearance Series 6, Episode 1
Last appearance Series 6, Episode 7
Duration 2014
Played by Hannah Waddingham

Tonya Dyke is the wife of Clive Dyke and mother to Tiger and Bianca Dyke. Tonya is sweet and protective of her children, but annoys and hurries her husband Clive about. He sometimes gets so annoyed with her that he bellows an echoing “Tonya!”. She talks to her children like toddlers - such as saying, “How's mama's baba?”, even though they are grown up.


Series 6[]

Tonya and her family come to the Solana in Series 6, expecting it to be a four star hotel, however they were shocked to find it didn't even have wi-fi! This is why she gets annoyed when her husband Clive Dyke decides to stay. She gets more annoyed when Clive keeps helping Janice Garvey as she thinks he is flirting with her! When Tonya's son Tiger Dyke causes Janice's son, Michael Garvey to get into trouble it causes tension between the Garveys and Dykes. In the second episode, Tonya's daughter Bianca Dyke comes to Benidorm after breaking up with her boyfriend. In the 4th episode of the series Tonya enters a singing competition and wins. She invites Janice to the spa, however she doesn't have any money, therefore Janice needs to pay for both of them! This makes things worse between the Garveys and Dykes, however in the final episode when they forgive each other she offers them the money back, however they let her keep the money.

Series 7[]

Tonya does not return in Series 7 as she has split up with Clive after finding some other women's knickers in the back of his car.



"worth every penny"

"this place is crawling"

"we will replace your sausage"

"at the end of the day you are an extremely short man, with a very small penis"

"have you seen the state of those rooms"

"some people can't afford a proper holiday"

"we booked this hotel thinking it was a 4 star"

"I wouldn't kennel my dog in this place"