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Troy Ganatra
Benidorm troy

First Appearance

Series 1, Episode 1


2007-2009, 2011, 2016-2017


Paul Bazely


unnamed (father)
Jamie (son)
Gavin Ramsbottom (civil partner) (2007–2011)
Mateo Castellanos (fling 2007)

Last Appearance

Series 9, Episode 8


Gavin Ramsbottom (S2 - S8)


Mateo (Season 1) Joyce temple savage (Season 9) Donald Stewart (Season 3)



Troy Ramsbottom (né Ganatra) is the husband of Gavin who also worked with him. It is evident that him and Gavin have been in a long-term relationship, and Troy secretly arranges to marry Gavin as soon as they return from their holiday, which he kept a secret until the last day of their holiday.

Troy seems to be a little more easy going than Gavin and can often be seen enjoying the free drink and entertainment that the Solana offers. In the first series, Troy was caught having a fling with barman Mateo late one evening whilst drunk, and was caught by both Janice and Gavin.

Troy later got married to Gavin and continued returning to Benidorm, where he met his long lost son Jamie. Troy did not go to Benidorm in the fourth series until the final episode because he was with his dying father, and in the fifth series as he and Gavin had an argument about work. 

Troy returned in series 8 without Gavin, instead spending time with Kenneth Du Beke and Jacqueline Stewart. Troy returns in series 9 as Kenneth's boss, and offers Liam a job in the UK, which he turns down.