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Trudy is a character from Benidorm, played by actress Michelle Butterly. She is the friend of Sam Wood's, whom she has come to Benidorm with.


Trudy is first seen when Mateo is teaching Liam Conroy how to flirt with girls and hapless Liam tries it on with Trudy, but unimpressed, she headbutts him and asks Mateo Castellanos for a drink. In Series 5 Episode 2, Trudy and Sam are having a drink with Jack when Janice Garvey confronts Jack. Trudy then steps in, leading Janice to grab Trudy by her throat. Jack then laughs at Trudy, angering her. Joyce Temple-Savage then blames Trudy and Sam for Janice strangling her. At the Dance Competition, when Liam confronts Jack, Trudy smashes a bottle over Jack's head. Trudy and Liam then put Jack in a dustbin.

In Series 5 Episode 4, Trudy tries to be more feminine, as Sam tells her she is too butch to attract men. Sam bets Trudy €20 she cannot go an entire 24 hours without swearing or acting in an unladylike manner. At Neptune's Bar, Victor squeezes Trudy's bum and Trudy manages to stick to her ladylike persona, but says if he had paid, she would've let him. Victor then gives Trudy €25. Trudy gives €20 to Sam, and then grabs Victor's testicles and headbutts him.

In Series 5 Episode 6, Trudy plays a cruel trick on Sam after spotting her snogging Liam the night before. Trudy tells Sam that she has had unprotected sex with Liam, leading Trudy to slap Liam three times. Sam then reveals that she is pregnant to Trudy and Liam, leaving the pair shocked. When Liam and Trudy confess at Neptune's Bar, Sam tells Trudy and Liam that the baby must be "Charlie's".

Trudy and Liam look confused and look over at a clearly heavily pregnant woman. Sam then reveals that she got the woman - Charlie - to do another pregnancy test, to make it look like she was pregnant. She was last seen in Series 5 Episode 7.


• More Lady Like?

•OH! Are you tryna kill me? There’s pepper on my salad!

• Now you listen here you little pipsqueak!

• I think I might get my broad lady shaver out. On second thoughts, maybe I’ll leave it